Quantera II was launched in 2021 – building on the successes of QuantERA I and aiming to sustainably continue the progress towards the programme’s aims and objectives. QuantERA II is an alliance of research funders for excellent research in Quantum Technologies, leading in the long-term perspective to transformative applications and products. Its main objective is to reinforce transnational collaborations between countries in inspiring multidisciplinary quantum research and thus integrating national and regional research communities in Europe through the funding of transnational research projects.

The QuantERA II Consortium is composed of 38 Research Funding Organisations from 30 countries, showing a considerable growth in the programme participation since its launch. The main goal is to stimulate and intensify Research and Innovation in the field of QT at the European level through a framework for funding transnational collaborative projects and, more broadly, coordinating national and regional programmes for funding research in this field. Such a framework contributes to the development of a coherent EU research strategy in the area of QT together with the Quantum Technologies Flagship and reinforces the European leadership on the world stage. Building on the experience of the first QuantERA programme, QuantERA II continues to serve as a complementary instrument to the QT Flagship - an incubator of new ideas which, after reaching the appropriate level of maturity, can initiate, contribute or be integrated into fully fledged QT Flagship projects. The connection between QuantERA and the QT Flagship is also consolidated with the QuantERA-funded projects being represented in the Science and Engineering Board of the QT Flagship.

Funding available through the QuantERA II call addresses the most important challenges in the area of QT research that should be approached through collaborative research efforts. This will help Europe take further steps on the road towards unlocking the widely recognised industrial potential of QT, by responding to current societal needs and benefiting the public at large.

The central objectives of the QuantERA II Programme are:

  • Launch the transnational co-funded call that will cover 31 countries involving 38 agencies, with the planned budget of over €40 million of national contributions, and an additional €15 million contributed to the co-funded call budget by the European Commission;
  • Consolidate the transnational research network and coordinate national activities in support of the QT Flagship;
  • Challenge the gender imbalance in QT research;
  • Spread research excellence across European Research Area (ERA);
  • Continue to map the public policies in QT research among the Consortium partners.