1. Can the consortium include more than six partners?

The standard consortium size is three to six partners. In some specific cases justified by the nature of planned research effort the number of partners can be larger. The appropriateness of the consortium size will be eventually judged by the evaluation panel and external reviewers.

2. What is the expected total budget of a QuantERA project?

When constructing the budget for a QuantERA proposal, please note that national rules apply for costs borne by individual partners. Some of funding organisations participating in the call give explicit guidelines with respect to budgets of individual partners, in other instances one can infer from the total budget allocated by an organization participating in the call what might be a reasonable financial request. Partners are strongly discouraged from requesting greater budgets than are necessary for the activities being proposed. Please note that the total project budget has to satisfy constraints specified in the call (to be published).

3. What is the technology readiness level (TRL) required in general for a proposal?

As implied by the description of research targeted in the call, the planned work should relate to low technology readiness levels. 

4. How can industries participate in the call?

Industrial partners can participate in the call if allowed by regulations of a respective funding organisation and the planned work fits the scope of the call.

5. What is the impact of including a partner from the EU widening countries?

This has no impact on the evaluation. However, in the case of proposals ranked ex aequo by the evaluation panel, if they cannot be all selected for funding due to lack of budget availability, priority might be given to proposals involving partners from the EU widening countries.