Funded projects

The main objective of the QuantERA Consortium is to launch transnational co-funded Calls for Proposals, as well as additional calls initiated within the supplementary activities embarked upon in the Programme.

So far, calls in 2017, 2019 and 2021 have resulted in a funding budget of over EUR 89 M and 77 excellent projects recommended for funding. Since 39 of these are projects selected within the very last Call, the QuantERA initiative has increasingly proved to be a fruitful mechanism resulting in effective transnational collaborations. The Call 2023 is pending now.

Selected projects aim, in particular, to develop a novel physical platform for quantum communication, sensing and computing, advance architectures and algorithms for future quantum information processing systems, and push for hardware scalability.

While providing strong support to basic science, it is expected that the projects will give a boost to strategic applied research in Quantum Technologies. Research results are also expected to address a number of societal challenges, such as cybersecurity and healthcare.

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Short-range optical Quantum Connections


Superinductor-based Quantum Technologies with Ultrastrong Couplings


Application-ready superresolution in space and frequency


SECuRe quantum communication based on Energy-Time/time-bin entanglement


Quantum information and communication with high-dimensional encoding


Quantum Computation with Schrödinger cat states


Quantum Computing Solutions for High-Energy Physics


Quantum 3D Imaging at high speed and high resolution


Photon-Atom Cooperative Effects at Interfaces


Magnetic-Atom Quantum Simulator


Experimentally-oriented Device Independent CrypTography


Continuously Monitored Quantum Sensors: Smart Tools and Applications