QuantERA and foreseen cooperation between research and industry communities

Quantum technologies (QT) are a new generation of mechanics that use quantum effects to significantly enhance the performance over that of existing, ‘classical’ technologies. There is mounting evidence that many of these quantum technologies are ready to transition into commercial products, what gives opportunities for the developement of new businesses and job creation across the whole of Europe.Throughout the lifetime of the QuantERA Programme, industry interests in Quantum Technologies (QT) are expected to increase significantly. This creates a strong need for links to be made between the research and industry communities.

We are working with the European Quantum Technology Flagship to bring together academic and industrial science and engineering endeavours in QT and its applications, developing guidance for action for industry, academia and the public sector to help speed up knowledge and technology transfer to put quantum technologies into everyday use. Recently developed gudelines contain recommendations, which are expected to accelerate the translation of science to real products and thus to create business growth.

Guidance on industry engagement for the public sector QuantERA.pdf

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