Building industry leadership and developing industry connections to the research on qunatum technologies (QT).

Throughout the lifetime of the QuantERA Programme, industry interests in QT are expected to increase significantly. This creates a strong need for links to be made between the research and industry communities.

Coordination of industrial action

Working with the European Quantum Technology Flagship to bring together academic and industrial science and engineering endeavours in QT and its applications, developing guidance for action for industry, academia and the public sector to help speed up knowledge and technology transfer to put quantum technologies into everyday use.

Production of a QT capabilities database of QT stakeholders and research activities across Europe

Working with the Quantum Technology Flagship, other European initiatives in QT, the QuantERA Scientific Advisory Board, national funding agencies, and industrial and research stakeholders to create a database of QT capabilities and research projects across Europe.

Promotion of industry related QuantERA research through workshops

Gauging the potential of QuantERA projects and researchers to help identify the commercial applications of their research and to facilitate early conversations with interested industrial stakeholders.

Identifying and reaching out to industrial stakeholders and key decision makers to disseminate and promote the work of QuantERA projects and open up channels for collaboration and knowledge and technology transfer. This will help researchers to understand industrial and market opportunities and to undertake their work with consideration to applications, industry and commercialisation.

Contact Person:

  • Najwa Sidqi, e-mail: najwa.sidqi(at)