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QuantERA enhances cooperation between academia & industry

Quantum Technologies (QT) are a new generation of mechanics that use quantum effects to significantly enhance performance over that of existing, ‘classical’ technologies. There is mounting evidence that numerous developed ideas are ready to transition into commercial products. This offers a fighting chance to novelties in the areas of business development and job creation across Europe. The QuantERA Programme aims at stimulating and intensifying industry interests in QT and, while boosting scientific excellence, induces researchers to find their way towards commercial applications.

Industry stakeholders have an opportunity to be actively engaged in the QuantERA initiative. Numerous research consortia include industry entities which is a promising sign. One of the topics of the QuantERA Co-funded Call 2021 and Call 2023 – Applied Quantum Science (AQS) – aims at drawing known quantum effects and established concepts from quantum science, translating them into technological applications and developing new products.

QuantERA cooperates with the European Quantum Flagship to bridge academic research with engineering endeavours in QT applications. Mutual efforts are directed towards speeding up knowledge and technology transfers to put QT into everyday use. Recently developed guidelines contain recommendations that are expected to accelerate the translation of science into real products and thus to create business growth.

Guidance on industry engagement for the public sector:

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