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QuantERA ERA-NET Cofund in Quantum Technologies

The QuantERA Programme is a leading European network of 41 Research Funding Organisations from 31 countries.

QuantERA is dedicated to advancing high-quality Research and Innovation within the field of Quantum Technologies (QT).

The Programme’s key objectives include:

  • facilitating the distribution of Calls for Proposals in QT to the European quantum community
  • promoting outstanding research endeavours in the domain of QT
  • encouraging collaboration among researchers across national borders
  • providing a platform for networking opportunities among research funders engaged in QT
  • spreading research excellence across the European Research Area (ERA)
  • conducting a comprehensive mapping of national, regional, and European public policies relevant to QT
  • supporting the development and implementation of responsible research and innovation practices in QT
  • providing guidance and assistance to funded projects to ensure their success and impact in advancing QT
  • facilitating knowledge transfer and technology commercialisation efforts in cooperation with industry partners
  • organising and participating in events, workshops, and conferences to foster dialogue and knowledge exchange within the QT community
  • engaging with policymakers and stakeholders to advocate for continued investment and support for QT research and development

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