Mapping of public policies in QT

QuantERA maps national, regional & European public policies in Quantum Technologies

The landscape of national funding schemes regarding Quantum Technologies is undergoing continuous development. The QuantERA Programme strives to map and monitor developments to provide the research community with a coordinated Europe-wide approach and to ensure effective support for high-quality research in Quantum Technologies (QT).

Quantum Technologies Public Policies , 2023 is the second edition of the QuantERA report developed within this area. The publication delivers a snapshot of the European policies, as well as funding instruments provided by relevant Research Funding Organisations. It can serve as a reference and toolkit for policymakers to shape the future development of QT at national and the European level.

The report is the result of the joint efforts of the QuantERA Consortium partners, supported by the EC and the QT Flagship. It summarizes the findings from an inventory conducted among 31 European Union member states and associated countries. In addition to an overview of national and regional policies for QT, the publication includes information on new developments with regard to the previous publication –  Quantum Technologies Public Policies , 2020.

We hope that our latest report will not only provide an overview of the current state of QT in Europe, but also point readers to the horizons of this landscape and enable them to identify the next steps forward to increase European potential in QT.