Call 2021 - Pre-proposals selected for 2ndstage

The QuantERA Consortium is pleased to announce that the pre-proposal selection process has now finished, and the pre-proposals that are invited to prepare and submit a full application to the QuantERA Call 2021 have now been selected.

The deadline for the full proposal submissions is September 15th, 2021. The Electronic Submission System will be open in the coming weeks and its links we be published on the Call webpage.

128 pre-proposals were submitted in response to the QuantERA Call 2021. Each pre-proposal was reviewed, evaluated and ranked by the scientific Evaluation Panel, following the criteria recommended by the European Commission: Excellence, Impact, and Quality and Efficiency of Implementation. The final decision was based on the ranking list established by the scientific Evaluation Panel in accordance with the criteria and procedures presented in the Call Announcement.

Additionally, the Call Steering Committee has identified the national/regional funding organisations with:

a) Risk of budget underspending

In this context, the inclusion of a partner eligible for funding from: HRZZ (Croatia), TACR (Czech Republic), ETAg (Estonia), MFIN (Malta), SFI (Ireland), VIAA (Latvia), SAS (Slovakia) is permitted if such an addition both increases value and strengthens the project and the consortium.

b) High funding pressure

Due to the high interest and limited budget, partners requesting funding from: DFG (Germany), ANR (France), IFD (Denmark) are encouraged to consider appropriate budget reductions in the full proposal.