Hyper-entanglement from ultra-bright photon pair sources

We will fabricate and exploit an entirely novel photonic device platform for the generation of highly indistinguishable and entangled photon pairs with near-unity extraction efficiency.

The envisioned implementation consists of a quantum dot embedded in engineered photonic environment. We predict that this device will generate very high rate of polarization entangled photons pairs and, in combination with time-bin entanglement, hyper-entangled quantum states.

Last but not the least, we will investigate the performance of this device in both free space and fibre based quantum networks, getting therefore closer to the establishment of an operating quantum system for real-life quantum communication.


  • Coordinator: Ana Predojevic (Stockholm University, SE)
  • Christian Schneider (Julius Maximilians Universität Würzburg, DE)
  • Rinaldo Trotta (Johannes Kepler University Linz, AT)
  • Niels Gregersen (Technical University of Denmark, DK)
  • Miroslav Jezek (Palacký University Olomouc, CZ)

MID-TERM REPORTING: Presentation of the mid-term results of the project

PROJECT WEBSITE: http://hyper-u-p-s.opticsolomouc.org/

Call year

Call 2017

Call topic

Q-communication, Q-information sciences

Area of research

Quantum communication, Quantum information sciences

Start date

June 2018


36 months

Funding support

€ 1 057 302,00

Project status

In Progress