Impact overview

It is our great pleasure to present the Programme’s latest publication: Impact overviewreport on QuantERA’s developments in quantum area in Europe.

The report presents the impacts of the QuantERA Programme resulting from the network’s coordinated activities aiming to explore the multidisciplinary field of quantum science and technologies.

The impact assessment was carried out by the international team of experts between July 2021 and September 2022. The evaluation focused on the first edition of the Programme – QuantERA I (2016-2022) and covered the developments introduced in the currently on-going QuantERA II.

“QuantERA managed to overcome national interests, administrative hurdles, local and international procedures, policies and misalignments, etc.
Together, as a team of funding agencies, we created an effective tool for reinforcement of QT in Europe”
– says Sylwia Kostka, QuantERA Programme Coordinator.