Mid-Term Conference Follow-up

QuantERA Mid-Term Strategic Conference gathered more than 100 participants at the premises of the University of Granada, Spain on 13-14 November, 2019. The event was hosted by the University of Granada and Agencia Estatal de Investigacion (AEI) – a Spanish research funding organisation and QuantERA partner institution.



Materials from the meeting are available under the links in the text below.

The aim of the meeting was to present an overview of the current state of the quantum technology research funding in Europe and conduct a mid-term evaluation of the projects funded within the QuantERA Call 2017. The organizers managed to bring together a wide representation of various stakeholders, incl. European Commission, Quantum Flagship, QuantERA Projects, Research Funding Organisations, industry and quantum community. This resulted in fruitful discussions, spontaneous networking and valuable insights that could be used for future development of the QuantERA programme.

The meeting started with a warm welcome by Enrique Playán Jubillar (AEI Director) and Konrad Banaszek (the QuantERA Scientific Coordinator) followed by an absorbing key note speech given by


and speeches of


(European Commission) and


(the Quantum Flagship). The landscape of the quantum research in Europe was complimented with insightful conclusions of the following guests within two panel discussions:

Tommaso_Calarco 2

Elisabeth_Giacobino 2

Thierry_Debuisschert 2

Freeke_Heijmann 2

Yasser Omar (Quantum Community Network),

Javier_Praena 2

Ana Predojević (project HYPER-U-P-S, Stockholm University),

Juan José Ripoll (Network of Excellence Quantum Spain),

Rob Sewell (The Institute of Photonic Sciences),

Marek Żukowski (International Centre for Theory of Quantum Technologies).


All 26 QuantERA projects funded within Call 2017 were presented during the scientific sessions which formed the key part of the event and provided ground for engaging discussions which exceeded the timeframe of the meeting. According to one of the participants “It was interesting to see the progress and the so far results of the QuantERA-funded projects. All projects seem to meet initial goals and the overall output is coming very strongly, including many high level publications. The results look promising and all projects should succeed in reaching their objectives.” Mid-term presentations of the 26 QuantERA projects funded within the Call 2017 will be soon available at the subpages of individual projects within this domain.

The event posed also a chance to meet the Coordinators of the projects recommended for funding within the QuantERA Call 2019 during an Introductory Meeting (presentation from the meeting is available here).

Konrad Banaszek, the Scientific Coordinator of QuantERA highlighted that “Projects funded in QuantERA Call 2017 produced a significant number of very exciting scientific results that were reported at mid-term review presentations. It was very gratifying for organisations participating in the QuantERA initiative to see that our programme has become an important component of supporting European research into quantum technologies.

On behalf of the whole QuantERA Consortium we would like to take this opportunity to thank all the participants for their active engagement and valuable insights!

The opening presentation from the event: