QuantERA Projects Launch Event in Bucharest, Romania

The launch of the projects funded within the QuantERA Call 2017 will be officially celebrated at the Projects’ Launch Event in Bucharest, Romania.

The event will take place on:

April, 24th – OPEN DAY (registration was required)
April, 25th – Parties involved in the QuantERA Programme only

The first day of the event (Tuesday, 24th April) will be open to participation by all interested parties, including the Coordinators of the QuantERA projects, QuantERA Strategic Advisory Board, representatives of the European Commission, Research Funding Agencies and other stakeholders. It will offer a chance to meet the Coordinators of the QuantERA-funded projects, learn about their research goals and activities, take a part in two panel discussions, network and much more!

The second day of event will be dedicated exclusively for parties directly involved in the QuantERA programme, and is not open to general public.


The agenda of the second day of the event will be distributed among invited parties only.