Quantum enhanced Raman spectroscopy for bioimaging applications

The accuracy of classical optical detection is fundamentally restricted by the shot noise. We exploit non-classical light to circumvent the classical limits in spectroscopic fingerprinting thus opening novel avenues for high-accuracy medical diagnostics. Raman spectroscopy – on the single cellular level – is one of the analytical tools that are being intensively investigated for biomarker identification that correlate to disease status and progression. Unfortunately, the Raman signal achieved from small biological samples is extremely weak, which necessitates the use of high optical powers in order to obtain satisfactory signal-to-noise (SNR) levels. However, in biological systems, and especially in living biological specimens, the optical intensity levels have to be kept below certain thresholds to avoid damaging or changing the biological dynamics and thereby leading to erroneous results. In the QuRAMAN project we will develop a novel quantum Raman microscope, which pushes forward the field of optical microscopy for bio-medical and bio-imaging use. We will exploit a new paradigm of quantum bio-optical measurements, which uses pulsed non-classical squeezed light combined with stimulated Raman scattering (SRS). SRS is a powerful tool for studying the spatio-temporal dynamics of molecular bonds in e.g. biological specimens with high sensitivity and speed. The use of an amplitude-squeezed probe beam enables a relative increase in the achievable SNR at a given optical intensity level [6-9], mitigating the issues of optically damaging the sample specimen, and hence increasing the integrity of the performed measurements. The QuRAMAN system is intended to support intraoperative decision making for cancer screening. Currently the assessment done by a trained pathologist is subjective. An additional product to objectify diagnostic decision making would be unique and beyond state-of-art.

During this project, the following main features will be developed and evaluated:

1. Development of the quantum Raman microscope.

2.Application to human tissue to support fast, objective, and reliable histopathological lung cancer screening.

3.OEM light source and compact microscope will be provided as plug&play modules, for supporting bioimaging and quantum technologies in education, science, and industry.


Figure of the proposed QURAMAN setup for generating amplitude squeezed light, Raman pump and performing SRS microscopy.









  • Coordinator: Mikael Lassen (Danish Fundamental Metrology A/S, DK)
  • Oleksii Ilchenko (Lightnovo APS, DK)
  • Ulrik Andersen (DTU Physics, DK)
  • Michael Fritzsche (Delfi Invations, DE)
  • Maria Chekhova (Max-Planck Institute for the Science of Light, DE)
  • Aleksander Rebane (National Insitute of Chemical Physics and Biophysics, EE)


Call topic

Applied Quantum Science

Start date

June 2022


24 months

Funding support

€ 984 489