QuantERA Strategic Conference

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QuantERA continues its efforts towards networking stakeholders in the field of Quantum Technologies. The Strategic Conference brought together Parties involved in the Programme and served as a spot for QuantERA-funded projects presentations, strategic discussions and scientific networking.


  • QuantERA Project Leaders
  • QuantERA Strategic Advisory Board
  • QuantERA Network of 39 Research Funding Organisations
  • QuantERA Project Reviewers
  • Representatives of:
    – European Commission
    – Quantum Flagship
    – Scientific community
    – Industry entities
  • and other distinguished guests


Projects presentations
to reflect on achievements, challenges, success stories, commercially relevant applications
All projects funded in Call 2017 – highlights of results (26)
All projects funded in Call 2019 – progress of the projects (12)

Poster session of the QuantERA Projects:
All projects funded in Call 2021 – introduction and planned results (39)

Discussions and insights
Panel sessions, key-note speeches on pointful issues

Networking forum
Scientific transnational cooperation, synergies with Quantum Flagship


The conference took place in ICE Krakow Congress Centre. The Centre is located in the heart of Kraków (Poland), within a few minutes walking distance of bus and tram station and access to the Kraków Airport bus which runs every 30 minutes.


Venue Address:

ICE Krakow Congress Centre
Marii Konopnickiej 17
30-302 Kraków