QuantERA is a European Research Area Network (ERA-NET) Cofund Programme in the field of Quantum Technologies (QT).

As an interdependent network of Research Funding Organisations, we recognise and reward outstanding research ideas with the potential to establish and develop new lines of Quantum Technologies through a coordinated action aiming to explore the advanced multidisciplinary science and cutting-edge engineering. 

Together, we aim to encourage and promote excellent research in QT, acting synergistically towards a collective goal of reinforcing European scientific leadership in this domain.

Our network of national and regional Research Funding Organisations spans over 31 countries. Our programme answers the growing need for collaborative endeavours and common funding scheme within QT research, which - due to its highly interdisciplinary nature - cannot be confined to an individual institution or state. Through coordination of national and regional research funding programmes QuantERA avoids the problem of fragmentation of national efforts, encouraging transnational collaborations and leveraging Europe’s competitive advantage. The joint calls for proposals for international research groups operating in QuantERA partner countries are the first step to further integration.

We work synergistically to stimulate cooperation within the Quantum Technology research community through: