Call 2021 Pre-Announcement

In March 2021, the QuantERA Consortium will announce a Call for Proposals in Quantum Information and Communication Sciences and Technologies, co-funded by the European Commission (QuantERA Co-funded Call 2021).

The Call will comprise two topics:

  • Quantum Phenomena and Resources;
  • Applied Quantum Science.

Anticipated deadline for pre-proposals: 13th of May 2021

Anticipated date for the online webinar: 13th of April 2021

Partner Search Tool is available at

For questions related to national eligibility requirements, please contact your national/regional contact point included in the Pre-Announcement (attached below).

Please note that this Pre-Announcement is for information purposes only. It does not create any obligation for the QuantERA II consortium nor for any of the participating research funding organizations. The official Cofund Call 2021 Announcement, to be published in March 2021, shall prevail.

Programme Coordination:
National Science Centre (NCN), Poland
Coordination Office: [email protected]

Call Secretariat Leader:
French National Research Agency (ANR), France
Call Secretariat: [email protected], +33 1 78 09 80 37

QuantERA Co-funded Call 2021 Pre-Announcement
QuantERA Co-funded Call 2021 Poster (vertical)
QuantERA Co-funded Call 2021 Poster (horizontal)
QuantERA Co-funded Call 2021 Leaflet