Quantum-bit encoding converter – ShoQc Project

We are pleased to announce that researchers involved in the QuantERA ShoQc Project ( coordinated by Prof. Peter van Loock) have succeeded in building the first converter between two different types of quantum-bit encodings equivalent to converters for classical information but targeted at different types of quantum data. High-quality rewriting of information shows the way towards bridging the gap between the many different platforms competing in the race for quantum computing and may enable the interconnectivity of future networks.

In the February issue of Nature Photonics , Prof. Julien Laurat and his colleagues at LKB (Sorbonne Université, CNRS, ENS-Université PSL, Collège de France) reported on the first successful demonstration of faithful qubit-encoding conversion. The quantum realm enables two different ways in which information can be stored and processed, discrete and continuous variables. Similar to classical analog or digital information encodings, they are preferred for certain tasks and platforms. Researchers at LKB have found a way to translate one to another very distinct flavors of quantum information and thereby confirmed the possibility of interconnecting different quantum devices.

For more information, please go to: PhysOrg (here).