Quantum Technologies Public Policies Report

We are delighted to share the Programme’s latest publication: “Quantum Technologies Public Policies Report, 2023“. As the landscape of national programmes and approaches regarding Quantum Technologies (QT) continue to evolve, QuantERA mapped and illustrated developments in this area for the second time. The report delivers a snapshot of the European policies, as well as funding instruments provided by relevant Research Funding Organisations. It can serve as a reference and toolkit for policymakers to shape the future development of QT at national and the European level.

“On behalf of the QuantERA network, we are proud to share with you the Quantum Technologies Public Policies Report. Together with the representatives of the Quantum Community, we have succeeded in mapping the European Quantum landscape for the second time. We are amazed by the efforts taken to strengthen the European Quantum Ecosystem and we hope to see further developments in the future.” – says Sylwia Kostka, QuantERA Programme Coordinator.

QuantERA’s first report on mapping public policies in Europe was published in 2020 (read here).