Results of the Call 2023

With its continual strive for fostering cooperation within the European environment of Quantum Technologies, the QuantERA network is pleased to announce that 24 projects will benefit from funding in the QuantERA Call 2023. Congratulations to all winners!

The QuantERA Call 2023, launched by 35 funding organisations from 28 countries, attracted 486 international research teams that submitted 101 proposals. After evaluation, 24 proposals have been recommended for funding of over 29 M EUR.

The projects recommended for funding will cover two subjects:
Quantum Phenomena and Resources (QPR) aiming to lay the foundations for the QT of the future;
Applied Quantum Science (AQS) aiming to take known quantum effects and established concepts in quantum science and convert them into technological applications and development of new products.

122 successful research teams united in 24 projects consortia will investigate the variety of fascinating subjects, the results of which may lead to revolutionary changes in a variety of fields, such as medicine, meteorology, robotics, banking and telecommunications, as well as complex system simulation.

QuantERA Call 2023 received large numbers of high quality proposals both in the fundamental topic “Quantum Phenomena and Resources” and the translational topic “Applied Quantum Science”. The list of funded projects clearly illustrates the spectacular potential of quantum science and technology when it comes to proposing exciting new research ideas as well as identifying paths towards translating scientific results into technological applications and development of new products.
The QuantERA programme is a unique funding mechanism in its ability to support collaborative research efforts combining expertise across traditional scientific disciplines available in Europe and beyond.
says prof. Konrad Banaszek, QuantERA Scientific Coordinator.