Science Business about QuantERA’s role in quantum revolution

“Strengthening scientific excellence in the widening countries is crucial for fostering a Europe without borders and gaps. Spreading of excellence across the entire European Research Area should play a major role in evaluating the long-term impact of individual funding programmes,” says Prof Ticijana Ban from the Institute of Physics in Zagreb.

The latest Science|Business article details QuantERA’s role in pushing the boundaries and crossing the borders within the Europe’s journey towards technological innovation and the ongoing quantum revolution. The article discusses the emergence of cutting-edge quantum technologies across the EU, showcases successful projects funded by QuantERA, and provides insights into the development of new national programmes dedicated to QT. Scientists, policymakers, and representatives research funding organizations all agree that Europe stands poised to become the central hub for quantum research.

“Many groundbreaking ideas and concepts in quantum technologies have emerged on our continent,” notes Prof Konrad Banaszek, the scientific coordinator of the QuantERA Network.

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A vacuum system, partially enclosed by a magnetic shield, utilises multiple laser beams to cool and probe the atoms. Positioned to the right, a scientific CMOS camera captures images of atomic density for detailed analysis. Photo: Krzysztof Magda