Silicon Carbide Qubits towards a Fab-Ready Technology

The SiCqurTech project aims at developing a radically new approach towards solid state quantum technology engineering.

SiCqurTech focuses on vacancy-related colour centres in the industry’s leading 3rd generation semiconductor – silicon carbide – to overcome one of today’s main challenges in quantum technology:

the lack of fab-ready and CMOS-inspired quantum device fabrication techniques.

SiCqurTech will integrate colour centres in silicon carbide photonic chips and benchmark their performance for application in quantum communication networks. In order to make this technology viable for market-uptake, we focus on quantum-grade fabrication techniques that provide a clear pathway for cost-effective scaling towards 100s to 1000s of devices in the future.

To this end, SiCqurTech brings together an interdisciplinary European consortium that will: (1) explore the growth of novel quantum-grade silicon-carbide material with controlled isotopic concentrations; (2) develop a fab-compatible silicon-carbide-on-insulator technology and electrical control structures via high-throughput sample characterisation; (3) investigate industry-compatible surface modification techniques to further improve the spin-optical coherence of colour centres; (4) demonstrate multi-qubit control and photon-mediated entanglement.

SiCqurTech’s results will create a comprehensive fundamental and practical understanding of the potential of the colour centres in silicon-carbide. This next-generation quantum technology has the potential for establishing an all-European supply chain.



  • Coordinator: Florian Kaiser (Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology, LU)
  •  Julietta Förthner (Friedrich-Alexander-Universität, Erlangen, DE)
  •  Tim Taminiau (Technical University of Delft, NL)
  •  Jawad Ul Hassan (Linköping University, SE)
  •  Ulrike Grossner (Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule Zürich, CH)


Call year

Call 2023

Call topic

Quantum Phenomena and Resources

Area of research

Quantum communication

Start date

August 2024


36 months

Funding support

€ 1 351 943

Project status

In Progress